VIDEO: iTunes in the Cloud to allow streaming, too

Insanely Great Mac provides a neat walk through for the upcoming iTunes in The Cloud service from Apple. Heretofore, folks were thinking it was just a cloud access service, but the video shows it to very much be a (sort of) streaming service as well. Could video streaming be coming, too?

There’s two videos here from Insanely Great Mac, showing how the system works on the computer and the mobile device. While Apple execs say it’s not a streaming service, iCloud does apparently use cache memory to temporarily store files. This allows the file to download to cache as soon as you ask for it and doesn’t depend on a consistent internet connection during the entire run of the song.

For $25 annually, Apple’s upcoming service will go through your music library in iTunes, including songs you didn’t purchase from them, and upload them to iCloud. From there, you will be able to stream or download that music, meaning you can take your entire library with you wherever you go. Now, how that affects data caps is yet to be known. Perhaps Apple has struck some type of deal with providers to help those with 2 GB caps on monthly data. We’ll have to wait and see.

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