We won’t vote, but we’ll line up to buy Air Jordan Concords

We’re not sure what it says about this country that we can have just 40 percent voter turnout during the 2010 election season but shoppers line up en masse to spar over the latest Air Jordan basketball shoes.Nike just released a new version of an old fave, the new Air Jordan XI Concords that were initially released in 1996. If you follow the sneaker blogs (yes, there are sneaker blogs), this has been the hot industry talk for weeks. People lined up in droves early Friday morning for the new $180 shoe and it wasn’t long before the people in line got restless and unruly.

Seattle police had to use pepper spray to break up a fight. About 20 people were hit and one man was arrested for assault. There were more than 1,000 people lined up outside a mall at 4 a.m. for the shoes.

Four people were arrested at an Atlanta mall after a crowd broke down the door to a store selling the Jordans before the store opened.

Long lines were formed at malls all over the country. In Indianapolis, about 1,500 people lined up to try to buy 300 shoes at a store at Castleton Mall. There was some pushing and shoving there, as there was at another nearby Indianapolis mall.

Across the country similar reports emerged.

As for the shoes themselves, they look good and reviews (see video below) are good. Jordans are known for quality fit and feel so we’d expect these to be the same, but do you really want to pay $180, before taxes, just for some kicks–kicks for which you may have to take a few kicks before you can call them your own?

OK, many of you do. That’s why the lines are long. These are undoubtedly good looking footwear, but we really think Nike and Jordan, owner of the NBA’s Charlotte Bobcats, need to take a look at the distribution method for the next release. I’m sure neither Nike nor Jordan wants fans to get injured trying to get the latest pair.
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