Webtrend’s new app rates your Facebook posts

Facebook logoEver wonder how engaging your Facebook posts really are? Webtrends has a released a new Facebook app that will score your posts’ effectiveness and appeal to your Facebook friends and fans.

It’s a free tool that may prove useful for both personal and business use.

The press release:

Webtrends Releases First-of-Its-Kind Facebook Scoring System to Evaluate Performance of Posts:

“Post Strength Indicator” Will Enable Brands to Evaluate and Optimize Post Effectiveness Through New Facebook Page Insights API

SAN FRANCISCO, CA–(Marketwire – Oct 3, 2011) – Webtrends, the global leader in unified mobile, social and web analytics and engagement, today announced Webtrends Hoverstats, a powerful new tool for Facebook marketers that will allow a brand to evaluate the effectiveness of its posts — the main touchpoint with fans and friends of fans on Facebook.

Webtrends Hoverstats is a new free tool that provides analytics overlaid on a brand’s Facebook Page. The core feature of Hoverstats is its Post Strength Indicator (PSI), a one-of-a-kind new metric developed and deployed exclusively by Webtrends that assigns a score to individual Facebook Page posts based on total reach achieved through fan engagement. The scoring system gives brands a clear, simple way to gauge whether the content it creates and pushes out is effectively engaging fans and their friends, thereby increasing reach on Facebook.

Webtrends was one of a handful of companies who participated in Facebook’s Pages Insights Alpha program, announced this week, in which they provided feedback on the new Facebook Page Insights tool and were given alpha access to the new Page Insights API data.

Webtrends Hoverstats can be installed by anyone who manages a Facebook Page through a simple Google Chrome browser plug-in. With rankings from one to 100, each post is assigned a score based on key indicators, including but not limited to, likes, shares, comments and reach.

Developed by Webtrends chief scientist Vladimir Brayman, the proprietary algorithm behind PSI leverages publicly available information from millions of posts published on thousands of fan pages to determine how successful a post is at engaging with fans, thus increasing a brand’s engagement and therefore reach on Facebook. The scores are updated regularly in conjunction with Facebook data, and posts from the past can be retroactively scored.

Webtrends customers have been testing the PSI during its beta phase, including Gatorade and Simon Property Group (Simon Malls).

“We were pleased when we were approached to become a part of this unique pilot program,” said Patrick Flanagan, vice president, Digital Strategy, Simon Property Group. “With over 500 field employees interacting with our shoppers across 200 localized Facebook Pages, we’re always looking for new methodology to improve our already robust digital offerings. Webtrends Hoverstats and its proprietary PSI metric give us better insight into what content most effectively engages our shoppers — just in time for the holiday season.”

“With our new PSI score system, we’re helping marketers, one post at a time, develop and publish Facebook wall content that fans truly engage with,” said Alex Yoder, chief executive officer, Webtrends. “Overall, we see this as a way to help make the Facebook ecosystem a better place for both brands and users.”

Webtrends Hoverstats will, in the near future, be available for other browsers including Internet Explorer and Firefox. It can be used on its own or with the Webtrends Social suite, including the free entry-level offering available now. Visit http://apps.facebook.com/wt-social to download the Webtrends Hoverstats plug-in to see how successful your brand’s posts are.

The Page Insights API is part of the broader Facebook Marketing API that marketers can integrate with to understand the impact of their presence on Facebook.

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