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How good is the iPhone XS Max? Glad you asked

The new iPhones, or at least two of three new iPhones, went on sale Friday: the iPhone XS and the iPhone XS Max.   On the outside, the XS is a lot like it’s $1,000 predecessor, the iPhone X: a 5.8 inch phone with a pretty screen and a pretty awesome camera. Only, using a technology

Skip Batman Killing Joke in theaters, save dud for a rainy day

Let us here at do you a favor: do not visit your metroplex Monday night (7/25) to see the animated film The scene, despite the hype, is pretty soap-opera-on-a-weekday tame, except we’ve never seen the Caped Crusader in such a position. There’s been implied love or lust between the two characters onscreen before but

Janet Jackson’s new music, new tour and new direction

It’s been five years since we’ve heard any new music from Janet Jackson and seven years since she’s released a new album. That all changed in the past few weeks, as Janet has been cryptically hinting on Twitter that when she’s ready to drop new material to not believe any rumors and that you would

Apple cashes in on latest craze with Beats

Now that Apple has announced it will buy Beats Audio for $3 billion what’s next? Will every iPod and iPhone come with Beats headphones? Will Beats put the Apple logo on its products? Will Forbes finally say that, yes, Dr. Dre. will be a billionaire? Well, we don’t know. We do know that straw polls,

Winter Solider redeems Marvel’s miss

Captain America: The Winter Solider Stars Chris Evans, Samuel L. Jackson, Scarlett Johansson, Robert Redford, Anthony Mackie, Sebastian Stain and Cobie Smulders Anthony Russo, Joe Russo and Josh Whedon, directors Sony Pictures/Marvel/Disney PG-13 Running time: 136 minutes   Marvel should really look at Captain America: The Winter Solider as redemption. It is a far better

Warner Bros. and DC Comics Paradox movie a hit

Justice League: The Flashpoint Paradox Starring: Kevin McKidd, Justin Chambers, Michael B. Jordan, Cary Elwes, Dana Delany, C. Thomas Howell and Nathan Fillion Warner Bros. Animation Blu-ray Warner Bros. finally got a DC super hero film other than Batman right with the success of Man Of Steel this summer. The company has never had that problem

4K HD is here. Do you want it? Do you care?

Like your 1080p television? Good, It’s obsolete and it’s not 3D, it’s 4K HD that’s the culprit. Yes, as I write, the first sets are available on line and at select retailers. It has a resolution four times that of 1080p sets, or so says the folks who make them. It’s hard to really tell

Life with my iPhone 5 is going just fine

It’s been a couple of weeks since I switched from the dark side of Android to my Apple iPhone 5 and I must say life is going just fine. It was no secret I was eventually going to the iPhone. I’ve owned three iPods, a Mac desktop and two laptops. I would have owned more