Will we see a new Xbox this year and will it be 6 times as powerful as Xbox 360?

The rumors are flying that a brawny new Microsoft Xbox, potentially six times more powerful as the current Xbox 360, could be in stores by this Christmas.

Can you imagine playing Madden football on a machine like that? Tom Brady would look like, well, Tom Brady. Kinect games would be outrageous.

Some outlets are even calling it Xbox 720, which we don’t love, but OK. It is time for the gaming consoles to get a refresh. We’ve been PS3ing and Xboxing for many years now and while some developers are still squeezing every last bit of power out of the aging consoles, they are aging. With so many gamers being lured by handheld devices like the upcoming  PlayStation Vita and the iPod Touch, console gaming need a shot in the arm.

Microsoft was first with the current next-gen hardware and it would make sense for them to make the next move now. Nintendo has a new Wii on deck (which some industry people believe will be 20 percent less powerful than this next gen Xbox) and there have been rumors of PlayStation 4.

We wouldn’t get our hopes up for a release this year. We’d sooner bet on an introduction later this year and a release sometime around Spring 2013, but it’s pretty exciting to think about a new console — so long as it’s backwards compatible.онлайн тест английскогочехол HondaЗащитный кожух для фотоловушек ReconyxReplay HND107справка 086 купить с доставкойtanzania safari priceswomen sex machinesпродвижение в соцсетяхвидеоглазок цифровой