iPhone 4S – does AT&T have an advantage?

Apple's iPhone 4S
iPhone 4S family

Today’s announcement that iPhone 4S will support HSPA+ technology but not 4G/LTE or Wi-Max could give AT&T a pretty significant speed advantage over Verizon and new provider Sprint in the U.S.

Both Verizon and Sprint use an aging version of 3G tech called CDMA. In most speed tests, AT&T’s basic version of 3G was much faster than Verizon or Sprint, though in some areas, AT&T’s network didn’t fare well in terms of reliability and dropped calls.

AT&T has been using a variant of 3G, HSPA+, for some time now, advertising as 4G. It does allow for faster speeds and the iPhone 4S will have theoretical speeds twice as fast as the iPhone 4 for download, meaning AT&T users might get significant speed boosts and be able to download movies, data and apps much faster than their Sprint and Verizon counterparts.

Sprint, however, still has unlimited data, something neither AT&T or Verizon has, and with all the data-intensive features Apple has introduced today, that unlimited data might come in handy.gopro 3 black edition priceкачественная раскрутка сайтовчто такое оптимизация сайтасанкт петербург финляндияморе болгария 2015dvd плеер ценаодежда обувь сумкиoptions demo binaryОХРАНА ДОМА