Would you accept an broadband internet cap in exchange for a price decrease? Time Warner hopes so

Time Warner Cable is planning a new approach to pricing for its broadband customers: price by usage, the Wall Street Journal reports.

Of course, many folks would love to see them do this with their pay-cable TV offerings.

Under the plan, being rolled out in south Texas markets first, customers can get a reduction in their bill of $5 per month if they agree to a cap of five gigabytes monthly. If you go over, and be careful if you download a lot of movies or stream a lot (think Netflix), overages are $1 per gig.

Customers will get a three month grace period to figure out if a 5-gig cap really works for them. For us, this isn’t a good deal because $5 isn’t enough to adopt what could be a pretty serious cap for a home with, say, two teens and a work from home adult or a family who loves them some Apple TV. There is so much content going web-based now that, in the future, even if you don’t now, you may be kissing that 5-gig cap pretty quickly.

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