ZAGGKeys ProPlus Apple iPad keypad/case is a (major) winner

I am writing this review on Zagg’s new iPad backlit keyboard . It’s called the ZAGGkeys ProPlus and it will set you back $129.99. There is also a ZAGGkeys Pro model that goes for $99.99. The case fits on iPad 2, 3 or 4 and if you’ve never used an iPad keyboard case like me, well, they can change how you think about your iPad.

I’ve done lots of work and reviews on the iPad over the years for It is a slow process with a lot of hunting and pecking, trying to type on that cool glass screen. I cannot type on the screen while laying my hands on it like a keyboard. I’d always wanted to, but couldn’t make it work.

I’d avoided keyboards in the past because they were bulky and heavy. I’d even tried carrying around Apple’s bluetooth keyboard for times when I really needed it and would find a book or a bag to prop the iPad up against. Of course, keypad cases are better with dedicated slots to prop up iPad in typing position than the solution I was trying.

My wife has a bulky and heavy leatherette iPad keyboard case she swears by. The iPad slides into the case and takes enough time to remove that she just chooses to deal with the weight while using the iPad for media consumption. This usually means only using it while laying in bed or laying back on the sofa with the iPad propped against her knees.

With the ProPlus, removing the iPad means just pulling against the magnets. The aluminum case matches the back of the iPad and gives it a nice clean look when closed. The keyboard has back lighting which is great for times when the lights are low or out. You can choose to change colors with the press of a button. And in practice, it makes your iPad look like a MacBook Pro. While I writing this at a local YMCA, a young woman asked was I using the new Mac

The case has soft materials in the corners where the iPad will rest. The case also comes with  a microUSB for charging and you can even use it with the iPad wall charger.

A small raised plastic ridge runs along the outside of the case and helps the keep the iPad in place. And when used in typing mode, you sit the iPad up in a slot in the middle of the case which creates a natural stand. The typing angle is good.

The keyboard is about the same length as the iPad is wide. It’s not — repeat not — a full size keyboard, but I have no issues using this. I can type every bit as fast here as I can on a normal keyboard and I cannot tell you how great it is to use this to create content on iPad. You can adjust volume, go to home screen with a press and it’s got Mac-like Control, Option and Command keys. My only quip? The power button is just above delete.

I quickly got used to the soft touch keys and stopped looking at the keys. I kept hitting the power button and shutting off the iPad screen when I was trying to hit delete.

Wait I’ve actually got two quips: the case doesn’t protect the back of the iPad. I would add one of those cool ZaggKeys Invisible Shield covers (which, alas, they did NOT send me to test; hint hint) to handle the rear of the device.

Other than a skin or a shield for the back, this is a wonderful case to use when you play to work on your iPad.ProlineAbbey DLD Group of Colleges UK DIRECTIONSbest landing pagesDefender Stanford C-955 Nano Black USBbansko ski passпостельное белье купить магазиныкомбинированные путевки шри ланка оаэчехлы для iphone 4 4sвидеорегистратор hd 720p